Chloe Becker

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

- Lao Tzu

My Values

I am committed to providing a healing space that is: 

  • Authentic
  • Diversity affirming  
  • Open minded 
  • Positive 
  • Critical thinking supportive 
  • Aimed at personal development 
  • Encourages creativity and self-expression  

Finding your way in this world isn't easy.

Without regular attention, our true selves can easily become buried under a variety of expectations, responsibilities, or circumstances. If buried too deep, we lose touch with our core selves and our life path becomes blurred. When we clarify our core selves, our life path becomes visible, as we are able to identify our priorities and purpose in life. Understanding your purpose in life leads to a more meaningful, fulfilled experience. Without purpose or direction, we are simply surviving, rather than thriving.

So how does one go about thriving? It is important to check in with yourself regularly and recognise whether the values and principles you are living by, are inline with those of your core self. Once we are more clear about who we are, and the path we walk, this process can be done independently. However, in the beginning it is helpful to have aid.

It is the goal of my practice to provide a safe space for individuals looking to explore themselves in greater depth. During a call, I provide the opportunity to present internal dialogue to a non-judgmental, unbiased individual. Upon thoroughly listening, I aim to help you identify hidden premises, emotional clutter, and futile thought patterns which no longer serve you.


  • BSc in Clinical Psychology – University of Amsterdam 
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology – University of Leiden 
  • Extensive coaching experience 


The following are several experiences which shaped my worldview and practice. I am eager to counsel individuals dealing with similar or related positions.

  • I have extensive experience studying, working, and living abroad. I am familiar with the challenges of expat life and immigration.
  • I accompanied a family member to India for the purpose of Ayurvedic treatment. I am conscious of the difficulties related to a family health crisis, inability to find answers in the western medical system, and navigating the path to holistic wellness.
  • I traveled to South America in search of adventure and intrapersonal growth. I am currently living on the Colombian Atlantic coast exploring indigenous plant medicines and ways of life.
  • Finding direction and purpose in life!

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