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What does an individual session look like?

Individual sessions are an opportunity for you to receive extra support and stimulate intrapersonal growth. It is an unbiased, safe, and confidential place for you to feel valued and heard. 


Sessions take place online at a scheduled time and last between 45-50 minutes. This time is focused on you, and during it, you may address any concerns related to your wellbeing.



During our session, I will ask you questions designed to help you reflect and dig deeper internally. My work lies in helping you to explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviours in a safe environment where you can evaluate their functionality.

Often addressed topics include:
  • School and classmates 
  • Difficult work and colleague situations 
  • Challenges related to living, working, and studying abroad
  • Family health crisis 
  • Relationship and communication challenges
  • Goal setting and self-reflection


To celebrate the New Year, I am offering a 40% discount during the months of January and February.
Individual session

If you are interested in a quick follow up or an occasional session my rate is $50 per session. 


I offer a package deal of four sessions for $180. Sessions are valid 1 year from purchase. 


I currently accept payment through bank transfer, Wise, and PayPal. If you are interested in using a different payment method please feel free to reach out. 

Frequently asked questions

A therapist or psychologist is prepared to work with patients dealing with clinical levels of mental illness. Psychological treatments focuses on past traumas and experiences in order to overcome current obstacles.


Comparatively, a wellness coach is focused on helping individuals deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. There is more focus on the “here and now” and identifying aspects of our lives which may be hindering our wellness. A wellness coach has much more flexibility in schooling and thus is able to choose more independently the studies and experiences which prepare them for their work.

Put simply, a psychologist is focused on restoring damaged mental health, a wellness coach is focused on fine-tuning aspects of an individuals life.

This is a general overview, each and every individual in the mental health and wellness field works a bit differently. It’s best to talk personally with the different professionals you are interested working with to find the best fit. 

This is a completely individual question! In my personal experience one-on-one video sessions work really well for most people. Talking online is comfortable between two people and we are visually connected through camera. To see how it works for you, schedule a free, 15-minute call, I’ll be happy to make any adjustments which suit you better.


I am interested in holding in-person sessions for individuals based in my area, or individuals in areas I may be traveling to. For more information about this, please reach out via the contact form.

Anyone looking for more aid dealing with the ups and downs of daily life!


My clients are generally looking for support in self-discovery and clarification of their life path. It is important that there is personal responsibility for treatment progress and results. 

This is an individual question! 


Whether we establish a regular routine, or have occasional sessions as desired; I am happy to support you as you feel optimal. If you are interested in a treatment time line, feel free to reach out and we can discuss what your goals and needs are and what that would look like. 

If you are interested in working with me and unable to afford the fee, please reach out. I am interested to work with anyone dedicated to their wellness regardless of finances.   


Write me in the contact form below and I’ll do my best to arrange something with you. 

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